The Secours Expo show team is independent and passionate about the emergency rescue. All your spokespersons know, practice and teach first-aid. Being attentive to your requests and understanding of your issues are their specific features.

Nicolas Lefebvre, manager of the Secours Expo show

Since 2002, he has been a reporter specialized in economic press. His modern history master's thesis focused on the establishment of emergency rescue after the end of WW2. In 2004, he became a voluntary rescuer, water rescuer, and first-aid trainer. In 2011, he created Oxygène Editions so as to publish Secouriste Magazine - which became Secours Mag in 2017 - and became the editor-in-chief. He created Oxygène Expo in 2013 and became the manager of the Secours Expo show.

Sylvain Ley, manager of conventions

He is a professional reporter specialized for over 10 years in public safety and crisis management fields. Previously a voluntary fireman, he worked for Firemen of France (Sapeurs-pompiers de France) and Public and industrial safety (Sécurité civile et industrielle) editorial boards. He is the author of "Pompiers d'entreprise" and has also been the editor-in-chief of Allo Dix-Huit magazine (firemen squad of Paris / Brigade de sapeurs-pompiers de Paris) for 5 years. Nowadays, he is the assistant editor-in-chief for Secours Mag and the manager of conventions during the Secours Expo show. He concurrently manages many audiovisual projects.