The first show 100 % rescue & prevention

All specialists of emergency, rescue and prevention share a common motivation : to protect and save lives. Even if there are no more federating motivation, no event has ever been held to bring all these players until Secours Expo. In the world of emergency, a large number of conferences and medical meetings are held, but often the scope is limited to a single category of professionals.


Paris, capital of rescue for 3 days

For the first time in 2015, in an emblematic place in Paris (France), all professionals and emergency specialists world meet : men and women, professionals and volunteers , civilian and military at all levels of experience , function or status. With free entry ( under pre-registration ), Secours Expo provides an opportunity for all emergency and prevention passionates to discover all the innovations of suppliers finally reunited in the same place and same time.

A new place for debates

Secours Expo is also a new place to build ideas and conduct debates in a fragmented and, sometimes, contradictory universe. Through conferences and round tables, various emergency services are able to continue the dialogue (with respect for differences of each) on cross-cutting issues. Visitors can attend lively high-level conferences with journalists and experts who care to be understood by all audiences. Animations and multiple demonstrations are also showing. Visitors discover the latest news from the world of emergency to understand the current issues and expand his knowledge.

A professional annual meeting

Through its cohesive strength, Secours Expo becomes the main annual meeting for every emergency professional. By creating Secours Expo, it is the identity of the emergency relief that we are reinforcing.
Providing an informative and communicative space to the different actors of this universe… that is our mission for the world of emergency.

The next Secours Expo will stand in Paris, February, 8 – 10 2018

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