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Product description

Risk management software platform that aims to provide local authorities, key accounts and risk prevention/management players with a basic foundation to better manage data and facilitate integration between current tools (alerts, handrail, geolocation of events, PCS, hydro-meteorological forecasts, cameras…) and future ones.

The 3 strong points

  • Hypervision for heterogeneous data integration, real-time processing of structured or unstructured data for decision support

  • A dynamic PCS (Plan Communalde Sauvegarde) coupled with 3D mapping and an interoperable 3D GIS, to create the future digital twins of the territory

  • Targeting of alerts sent to the population

How is this an innovation?

The innovation lies in the fact that this software platform is open, modular, interoperable with all systems, scalable over time, resilient and replicable. The operator will have at his disposal, on a single interface and with a single identifier, all the tools necessary for crisis management on a territory.

How is this an innovation?

The PUMA-X consortium brings together 7 major players – private and academic – already very active and recognized on the market with their specific solutions, gathered within the Safe Cluster competitiveness cluster

Ciitélécom: French leader in population alert solutions. Leader of the PUMA-X project.
Predict Services: assists individuals, companies, local authorities and crisis management services in France and abroad in their decision making: before, during and after risk events.
Prysm : Software publisher dedicated to global supervision and access control for buildings.
JIPE : Consulting firm specialized in emergency response management. IGO : Expert in 3D geographic visualization of territories.
JAGUARDS : Electronic handrail and operational management software. IMREDD : Institute of Innovation and Partnerships of the University of Côte d’Azur dedicated to the problems of the intelligent territory, specialist in collaborative innovation.

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