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by RO Innovation

PRODUCT LAUNCH DATE: September 21, 2022

Product description

The RO System Belt is an express extraction system designed to allow the rescuer to extract victims with their hands free. It allows the rescuer to remain safe during the extraction and to perform a quicker and more efficient care of the victim. It is adaptable to all types of supports and makes the most of the quadriceps while sparing the rescuer’s back.
It takes into account the stunned effect that some rescuers may feel by only soliciting them with a gesture of the order of the reflex.

The 3 strong points

  • A gesture of the order of the reflex.

  • Hands free to hold a spear or weapon for security personnel.

  • Faster care for the victim and increased chances of survival.

How is this an innovation?

– Allows you to manage the effect of stupefaction while inscribing a simple gesture of the order of the reflex.

– Allows to keep the hands free to take a lance for the firemen or a weapon for the police force in order to be in safety during the extraction.

– Does not use the back but the strong muscles of the body like the quadriceps. The body regains its entirety and facilitates movement.

– Fast, adaptable and universal on all types of support.

– Valuable time and time saved to perform the rest of the rescue safely and to take care of the safety actors or the victim more quickly.

The company

RO Innovation aims to offer innovative solutions in the rescue field.

By adopting a pragmatic approach:

Starting from the reality of the field by identifying the requirements of each security profession to provide concrete and effective solutions.

Capitalize on the feedback from each intervention by security professionals by creating safe and easy-to-use rescue devices.

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