Secours Expo, the trade show rescue, emergency and prevention

The experts from rescue, emergency and prevention share the same purpose : protect and save lives. Even though this is the most unifying purpose, no meeting point has allowed gathering all the protagonists from this sphere until now.

Many medical colloquiums and conventions are organized but they are limited to only one professional category.

An annual gathering

By aiming the unification, Secours Expo has become the annual gathering for all the rescue and emergency protagonists. Since its creation, Secours Expo has given to the emergency and rescue community a place to communicate with other components of this sphere and to exchange information is our duty.

A fair to federate!

During the past editions, Secours Expo has become the only one annual gathering for all the protagonists from emergency rescue and prevention. Professionals from these fields share the same motivation: protect and save lives. They now have a national, professional, independent, qualitative and dynamic fair located in one of the best exhibition centers in Paris.
Secours Expo executive director

Gathering people

For the first time, a fair gathers all the professionals from emergency rescue and prevention (volunteers, civilians, and the military) without granting any importance to their experience nor grade. Secours Expo gives the opportunity to all enthusiastic people of this sphere to discover innovations of suppliers that are gathered at the same place and the same time.

A fair to unify!

Despite the difficulties, public and private agencies, associations, professionals, and volunteers contribute to public safety with their enthusiastic action. They all know their commitment represents collective protection allowing civic rights and the possibility to live together. Thus, all these organizations and protagonists need to gather so as to strengthen their link to maintain the effectiveness of their action in all kind of situations.
Michèle MERLI
Secours Expo honorary chairwoman, Public Safety National Board chairwoman (Conseil national de la protection civile - CNPC)

A new space to debate

Secours Expo offers a new space to debate to those professionals which are often divided regarding some topics. All rescue services can talk about different topics while remaining respectful towards each other’s differences during conferences.  Visitors will attend high-level conferences either led by reporters, or by renowned experts in their field. Nevertheless, speakers will be careful to keep the convention freely accessible to those who are not highly qualified to some matters. Furthermore, visitors can also attend many demonstrations at the heart of the exhibition center. All these important meetings help to be aware of the latest news about emergency rescue, to understand better the current issues and to deepen oneself knowledge.