Date : 08/04/2021
Horaires / Schedules : 15:00 - 16:00
Emplacement / Place : Salle 02 - Conférences

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Mrs. Carian Cools ,  MSc, IFV (National Institute for Safety), Dean GHOR Academie (Academy for increasing knowledge development and knowledge transfer on improving the medical assistance during disasters)

& Will van Roessel MSc, IFV (National Institute of Safety), advisor national network medical disaster management (in this network IFV cooperates with the Dutch National Red Cross, AZN – the national ambulance service, LNAZ – national organization of trauma care and GGD GHOR NL – the national organization in public health and disaster management. We are supported by the ministries of Health and the ministry of Safety.)


Conference in english

In this lecture/presentation we give an outline how we work in the Netherlands in the emergency medical care during disaster and crisis. We make a comparison with the systems of other countries (differences and similarities) and we look for knowledge and research for further improvement of our current working methods.