Date : 08/04/2021
Horaires / Schedules : 13:00 - 14:00
Emplacement / Place : Salle 02 - Conférences

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Donald A. Donahue, DHEd, MBA, MSJ, FACHE, FRSPH, professor at the University of Maryland Baltimore. World Association for Disaster and Emergency Medicine


Conference in english

Rescue and emergency personnel frequently face tragedy, but catastrophic disaster entails an entirely different dimension, one that tests organizational and responder resilience. Responders become vulnerable to post traumatic stress, becoming the second victim of the event. Yet, information on second victimhood and its impacts is difficult to find. We will address trauma, guilt, forgiveness, and how these might be felt by the second victim, also exploring how best to conduct investigations of incidents that do not alienate second victims or make them feel even worse.