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Regulation and control of fire prevention in buildings: what changes?
There are many challenges to be met in terms of adapting to innovative construction processes, particularly with the use of bio-sourced materials, and in terms of operation, which now favours mixed use.

1- Adapting control to an exit from prescriptive ERP
The regulatory corpus governing fire prevention in establishments open to the public (ERP), based on a prescriptive model and exhaustive control of ERP by safety commissions, has proved its worth but can be improved.
Thus, by allowing the transition from a logic of means to a logic of result, the Essoc 2 ordinance responds to the need to take into account innovative solutions, and the work carried out on the conditions of “building” control, during the revision of the decree of March 8, 1995, should make it possible to adapt the control of ERP.

2- Faced with the mixed use of buildings, what convergence is possible in terms of regulation and control?
Fire prevention stakeholders want to preserve the effectiveness of prevention measures that have proved their worth but which currently lack performance evaluation.
At the same time, the challenges posed by mixed use can be met provided that construction and control regulations converge.