11 h 30 min - 13 h 15 min

Salle 03 - Forum des corporations
Porte de Versailles, Paris, 75015

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Organised by
the INRS (National Institute for Research and Safety)


Occupational health and safety training to develop a culture of prevention in companies.

Going beyond regulatory training obligations (1st round table)

OH&S training is often identified by companies as an obligation in connection with certain high-risk occupations. The INRS and the AT/MP branch have developed training and certification systems that meet obligations or recommendations that go further, in order to strengthen employees’ prevention culture (CATEC, scaffolding, etc.).

Training to support sustainable prevention approaches in companies (2nd round table)

All the company’s employees have a role to play in the prevention process. Everyone, at their own level, participates in identifying risks, implementing prevention measures and ensuring that they are respected. The development of S&ST skills is essential to promote sustainable and effective actions. The INRS and the AT/MP branch provide training and certification in S&ST that contribute to the prevention culture (self-training Bases en prévention and Risques chimiques, training acteurs prap, SST, training for facilitators and managers).