Date : 09/04/2021
Horaires / Schedules : 15:00 - 16:00
Emplacement / Place : Salle 02 - Conférences

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Général François Vernoux, President of the Club GESTION de CRISE des ingénieurs des Mines 


Workshop in french.

WEI JI is the chinese philosophic way to deal with crise. (WEI = disaster / JI = luck). A disaster is a good fortune if we know how to establish and exploit a RETEX and organise training to protect ourselves. The RETEX of a real event allows you to visualize planificacion ways. Training with stakeholders means training with an efficient team. Those exercises control the planification and training. Reach WEI JI by Retex and trainings, is to take in hand crisis handling rooted in reality.