Date : 08/04/2021
Horaires / Schedules : 12:00 - 12:45
Emplacement / Place : Salle 02 - Conférences

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Thibaut Reffay, Atraksis


Workshop in french.

The digital revolution has deeply changed our notion of time, of information and more generally our way of life. We, rescue professionals, should take advantage of this revolution.

Meanwhile a new mouvement is been developed : Tech for Good. We believe that the rescue universe should be a “playground” of Tech for Good. We are encouraging all synergies between our organisations and this mouvement.

Tech allows a better service for emergency services users and facilitates their actions. The strong association of the two will bring a new dynamic : “Tech et Secours”. #TechforRescue, launched last May at StationF with Atraksis.

To maximize the digital revolution benefits, it is necessary to take into consideration it’s multiple aspects. Even if technologie is part of it’s aspect, most of it involves it’s structure, culture and organisation.

Globally, we believe that to allow rescue services to transform in a digital revolution contexte, it is essential to take in consideration 3 main challenges :

  • Take advantage of the digital transformation
  • Developing an innovation mindset
  • Attract different types of profile