1st semester


Paris Expo

Porte de Versailles, France


Secours Expo’s experts are referents in their field and have accepted to join us to represent all professionals from emergency rescue and prevention. Their differences clearly show the organization team’s will to federate people and to offer them a place to debate.


Emergency medicine and care

Civil security and risk management




International and solidarity

The Honorary President

Pascal Cassan

President of the Red Cross’ Global First Aid Reference Center

Civil security and risk mangement

LCL Lionel André

Conseiller technique montagne


Following a master’s degree in private law and a post-graduate diploma (DESS) in “law and security strategies”, and after 8 years as second-in-command of a departmental gendarmerie company in mainland France, Lieutenant-Colonel André continued his career as commander of the high-mountain gendarmerie platoon in Corsica.
After returning to mainland France as a company commander, Lieutenant-Colonel André will continue his career as a chargé de mission with the reserves command (CRG) until 2020. Today, he is mountain technical advisor to the DGGN.


Gilles Barsacq


French council of civil protection (CNPC)

After an initial career as an officer in the French Air Force, Gilles Barsacq was appointed Administrator General of the French Ministry of the Interior. Since 2020, he has been Chairman of the Conseil National de la Protection Civile.
He has a 30-year career in the prefectoral corps, alternating between positions in central and local government, including several posts at the DDSC (chief of staff and deputy director, in particular for the French Ministry of the Interior).

Dr Sébastien Beaume

Adviser of the Education Commission

French society for disaster medicine (SFMC)

Sébastien Beaume is a former SSA military doctor with experience in the Forces, in OPEX, in the HIA emergency service and in pre-hospital emergency at the BMPM.
He is a member of the SFMC’s teaching commission, the SFMU’s SSE commission, coordinator of the teaching of disaster medicine and a lecturer at ENSOSP.

Colonel Laurent Chavillon

Departmental Director

French firefighting federation (FNSPF)

A graduate of INESC in Civil Security Law, Colonel Chavillon began his career as a volunteer fireman at the Montfort-l’Amaury rescue center. After 6 years as deputy departmental director of the Yvelines SDIS, Colonel Chavillon became departmental director of the Val-d’Oise SDIS in 2022.

Julien Fischer

Officer in charge of purchasing

French ministry of internal affairs

Julien Fischer is in charge of “civil security” purchasing strategy at the French Ministry of the Interior and Overseas Territories.After more than 15 years in various fire and rescue services in operational roles, he specializes in strategy and business intelligence. In 2017, he co-founded the Atraksis association, which aims to contribute to the transformation of fire and rescue services.

Dr Patrick Hertgen


French firefighting federation (FNSPF)

Dr Patrick Hertgen is Chief Medical Officer of the Service départemental d’incendie et de secours du Nord (SDIS 59) and health and medical advisor to the interministerial staff of the Nord defense and security zone. He is also Vice-President of the Fédération nationale des sapeurs-pompiers de France (FNSPF), in charge of life-saving and health and medical services. A graduate in emergency, disaster and aerospace medicine, he worked for 17 years at the Paris Fire Brigade (BSPP), notably as head of medical coordination and litigation. He holds a master’s degree in public law, and is an expert in emergency medicine for the Douai Appeal and Administrative Appeal Courts.

Dr Henri Julien


French society for disaster medicine (SFMC)

Frank Pilorget

National administrator

French association for nurses in the fire brigade (ANISP)

Franck Pilorget is a health executive and nurse anesthetist. He is based in the emergency department of the Caux Vallée de Seine hospital in Lillebonne (76). He is also a volunteer Captain Nurse with the SDIS de Seine-Maritime (76) and national administrator of the Association Nationale des Infirmiers de Sapeurs-Pompiers (ANISP).

Dr Didier Pourret

Medical consultant

French department of civil defense and emergency preparedness (DGSCGC)

Didier Pourret is a firefighter physician, medical advisor to the Director General of Civil Security and Crisis Management at the Ministry of the Interior since 2021. He is also a member of the CNPC medical committee. A former FNSPF delegate president for first aid, he coordinated the publication of the SUAP binders, guide secours d’urgence aux personnes.

Général Joël Prieur

General Secretary

French council of civil protection (CNPC)

Pr Bertrand Prunet

Associate professor of Val de Grâce

Army health service (SSA)

A military anesthesiologist and resuscitator, Chief Medical Officer Prunet works in military hospitals and on overseas operations. He has been an associate professor at Val-de-Grâce since 2018. A former Chief Medical Officer of the Paris Fire Brigade, he is currently Head of the Emergency Anesthesia and Intensive Care Unit at the Laveran Armed Forces Training Hospital in Marseille.

Thibault Reffay



Thibaut Reffay has been a fire officer for 5 years. After two experiences as deputy and then head of a rescue center at the Seine-et-Marne Departmental Fire and Rescue Service, he is now in charge of innovation at the Yvelines Departmental Fire and Rescue Service. He co-founded the Atraksis association in 2017, which aims to contribute to the transformation of rescue services by focusing more specifically on the issues of profile diversity and innovation.

Olivier Richefou


French conference of firefighting and relief services (CNSIS)

Olivier Richefou has been President of the Conseil Départemental de la Mayenne since 2014, and President of the Service Départemental d’Incendie et de Secours (SDIS) de la Mayenne since the same date. He has been elected Chairman of the Conférence Nationale des Services d’Incendie et de Secours (CNSIS) since 2015, and will be re-elected in 2021. He is co-author of the book “Sapeurs-Pompiers: un engagement quotidien” with Grégory Allione. President of the FNSPF.

Benjamin Serfati

Director in charge of purchasing, R&D and general resources

French society for sea rescue (SNSM)

Benjamin Serfati is passionate about the marine world and safety/security. Since 2008, he has been working daily to develop and design operational equipment for professionals, and to create derivative products for the SNSM – Société nationale de sauvetage en mer. He is currently Director of Purchasing, R&D and General Resources.

Dr Erik de Soir


European association of firefighters psychologists

Currently scientific collaborator at the University of Liège and director of a center of expertise in trauma and grief therapy, Erik de Soir holds a doctorate in psychology and social and military sciences. With the Institut Royal Supérieur de Défense (Brussels), he was manager of scientific and technological research for the Ministry of Defense, and was also a firefighter psychologist in the North Limburg intervention zone. He is the founder of the European Association of Fire Brigade Psychology.

Florent Vallée

Emergency director and relief operations

French Red Cross

Florent Vallée is Director of Emergency and Relief Operations at the French Red Cross. He joined the salaried teams in 2001, where he supported the territories in their development and the implementation of major relief operations. Since then, he has been in charge of the Planning and Operations Department and Deputy Director of Covid Operations.

Lieutenant-colonel William MIALON

Outlook and innovation department

France’s national gendarmerie (DGGN)

Emergency medicine and care

Dr Alain Baert

Chairperson of the prehospital section

European society for emergency medicine

A hospital practitioner at Rennes University Hospital, Dr. Baert was in charge of the Rennes Poison Control Center for 25 years, specializing in collective industrial and environmental toxic risks, as well as the chemical aspect of CBRN risks. As a volunteer firefighter for 15 years, he supervised chemical risk training courses at all levels. For many years, he has been the federal physician for the Fédération Française de Sauvetage et de Secourisme (French Rescue and First Aid Federation), where he chairs the Federation’s largest association. He currently works as a forensic pathologist at Rennes University Hospital, a specialty he has been practicing since 2000.

Dr Norbert Berginiat


French firefighting federation (FNSPF)

Prof. Pierre Carli


French council for hospital emergency (CNUH)

Pierre Carli is head of the anesthesia-intensive care department at Hôpital Necker-Enfants malades, and medical director of the Samu de Paris since 1998. He has also been President of the Conseil national de l’urgence hospitalière (CNUH) since 2009, as well as President of the Conseil français de réanimation cardio-pulmonaire (CFRC), Vice-President of “SAMU – Urgences de France” and the French representative of the EMS Leadership Network.

Dr Arnaud Depil-Duval

President of the innovation board

French society for emergency medicine (SFMU

Arnaud Depil Duval is a doctor specializing in emergency medicine. He is an assistant physician in the emergency department of the Paris Saint Joseph Hospital, and was head of several SMUR and emergency departments for 15 years. He is Medical Director for Digital Markets and Strategy at the Digital Medical Hub. He is Chairman of the Innovation Board of the French Society of Emergency Medicine, and a reserve officer in the French Armed Forces Health Service.

Dr Yannick Gottwalles

Head of Emergency Department

Civil Hospitals of Colmar

Yannick GOTTWALLES has an atypical background, having trained as a cardiologist as well as an emergency physician and resuscitator, and is now Head of the Department in a 50,000-strong annual primary care unit. With a diploma in Disaster Medicine and a D.U.I. in CBRN, his hobbyhorses are the interpretation of electrocardiograms by all, and life-saving training for the general public.

Dr Charles Hudelo

Chairman of the Medical Committee

Société nationale de sauvetage en mer (SNSM)

A cardiologist by profession, Dr Charles Hudelo chairs the medical committee of the French National Sea Rescue Society (SNSM) and is a member of the French Society of Maritime Medicine (SFMM).

Pr Abdo Khoury


European society for emergency medicine

Abdo Khoury is Professor of Emergency Medicine at Besançon University Hospital and outgoing President of the European Society of Emergency Medicine (EUSEM). He holds a degree in Disaster Medicine from the University of Paris, as well as a European Master’s in Disaster Medicine from the University of Piedmont Oriental, Italy and the Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium. He is Medical Director of the Medical Simulation Center at the Université de Franche-Comté.

Dr Hugues Lefort

Emergency doctor

Army health service (SSA)

Dr Lefort is an SSA emergency physician. After serving in the Forces, the BSPP and as head of the emergency department at military hospitals in Metz and Marseille, he continued his clinical activities in the pre-hospital (SMUR and SDIS13) and hospital sectors, coordinating continuing professional development at HIA Laveran. He is a member of the RIS2Q commission of the SFMU, the scientific commission of the SFFPC and co-author of the book “patient partenaire, patient expert” (Ed. Vuibert).

Dr Agnès Ricard-Hibon


French society for emergency medicine (SFMU)

Agnès Ricard-Hibon is an anesthesiologist-resuscitator and has a doctorate in emergency and disaster medicine. She has been head of the SAMU-SMUR 95 department at the René Dubos Hospital and Service d’Urgence-SMUR since 2013.
She was also President of the French Society of Emergency Medicine from 2017 to 2020 and President of the SFMU Scientific Commission for 3 years. She is currently spokeswoman for the SFMU and a municipal health councillor in Val d’Oise.

Pr Karim Tazarourte


French society for emergency medicine (SFMU)

Karim Tazarourte has been head of SAMU 69 since 2014 and president of the French Society of Emergency Medicine since 2020.
With 20 years’ experience of practice and research into the management of life-threatening emergencies in intensive care and SAMU, he is also a university professor and associate researcher at the University of Nanterre.

Patrick Youx


Assistance ambulance

An ambulance driver since 1983, Patrick Youx is the co-founder of a SCOP (ambulance Nantaise), the first in Nantes to work in partnership with the Samu and SOS médecins. He is also the founder and managing director of Assistance Ambulance, which works mainly in pre-hospital emergency care, with specific services (pediatrics and bariatrics).


Ludovic Arnaud


Culture Prev

After a career as a firefighter, Ludovic Arnaud embarked on entrepreneurship in 2015 and founded Culture Prev, a professional risk prevention training organization. He is also the administrator of a large community of prevention training professionals, comprising almost 7,000 members, which facilitates peer-to-peer exchanges and networking.

Roger Berry

Risk prevention manager

Transport Network of Electricty (RTE)

A first-aid rescuer since 1997, SST trainer since 2001 and trainer of trainers since 2018, Roger Berry is the prevention officer for central functions within RTE’s Health, Safety and Quality of Life at Work Department. Since 2012, he has been responsible for coordinating RTE’s SST trainers.

Jean-Luc Buccino


French union of first-aid and rescue professionals (UNASS)

Jean-Luc Buccino has been training “SST trainers of trainers” for INRS for 13 years, and was General Secretary of UNASS for 18 years, before being appointed President in 2016.

Julien Couchouron 

Industry & Cleantech director 

Business France

Julien Couchouron has been helping companies expand internationally for nearly 8 years, and has held various positions within the public export support system (notably in Canada and Denmark).
Since 2018, he has held the position of Security & Defense referent at Business France, in charge of defining the export strategy for the security industry.
Since 2022, he has headed the Industry & Cleantech department of the Expertise Sectorielle division.

Jean-Claude Delgènes



Jean-Claude Delgènes is founder and chairman of Technologia, one of the leading firms specializing in the assessment and prevention of work-related risks. The firm works to improve the quality of working life and safeguard the health and safety of all employees.

François Vernoux


“Risk management” club (École des Mines)

A fervent promoter of dashboard-based operational management, training and
WEI JI, General François Vernoux has 45 years of military and industrial experience.
industrial experience. A former permanent member of the COGIC management team, he is the author of several guides:
“Sauvegarde communale”, “Résilience opérationnelle”, “cheffer”, he assists municipalities and companies. He chairs the “Gestion de crise” club of Ingénieurs des Écoles des Mines.


Patrick Chavada


French association of first-aid instructors (ANIMS)

President of the Association nationale des instructeurs et moniteurs de secourisme and deputy secretary of the Conseil national de protection civile, Patrick Chavada has been a professional firefighter since 1986. He is also a member of the SUAP national technical and educational commission, and the prevention and risk education commission of the French national fire department federation.

Laurent Facon

Director of the Training Institute for Paramedics (Île de France)

Croix-Rouge française

Christian Poutriquet

Risk prevention manager

French federation for rescue and first aid (FFSS)

Retired Lieutenant-Colonel SPV, Christian Poutriquet is currently Vice-President of the French Federation of Rescue and First Aid, as well as Chairman of the Training Commission. He is in charge of writing training guidelines and is a member of the DGSCGC working group on the BNSSA.
He is also President of FFSS Committee 35 and Director of the Emerald Coast First Aid Association in Dinard.

Franck Majorel

1st vice-president Federation of French first-aid workers

White Cross

A French Croix Blanche first-aider since 2002, Franck Majorel has been a trainer and CEAF instructor, and has taken part in national training courses. Having held various positions on the Federation’s Board of Directors and Executive Committee, he is currently 1st Vice-President in charge of administration, finance and communications.
He is also President of the Comité Départemental des Secouristes Français Croix Blanche des Côtes d’Armor. A member of SDIS 22, he is responsible for first aid within the Union Départementale des Sapeurs-Pompiers des Côtes d’Armor.

Philippe Testa

Risk prevention and health manage

French Red Cross

Philippe Testa has been head of the Health Department of the French Red Cross DDUOS since 2016. A health executive with a Master 2 in organization from the CNAM, he has cooperated on various projects with the DGHOS. He coordinates the French Red Cross National Health Unit and collaborates with various bodies and organizations (CNPC, FICR, Ministries…) on monitoring, foresight and innovation work.


Dr Jan-Cedric Hansen

A remplir

A remplir

Médecin-chef du Service départemental d’incendie et de secours du Nord (SDIS 59) et conseiller santé et secours médical de l’état-major interministériel de la zone de défense et de sécurité du Nord, le Dr Patrick Hertgen est vice-président de la Fédération nationale des sapeurs-pompiers de France (FNSPF), en charge du secours à personnes et du service santé et secours médical. Diplômé en médecine d’urgence, de catastrophe et aérospatiale, il a œuvré pendant 17 ans à la Brigade de sapeurs-pompiers de Paris (BSPP), notamment comme responsable de la coordination médicale et contentieux. Titulaire d’une maîtrise en droit public, il est par ailleurs expert en médecine d’urgence près des Cours d’appel et administrative d’appel de Douai.

Dr Éric Revue

Chairperson of the prehospital section

European society for emergency medicine (EUSEM)

Dr Eric Revue specializes in emergency and disaster medicine. He is currently head of the Lariboisiere emergency and SMUR service, and is an active member of EUSEM as head of the prehospital service and board member. He is also a member of the SFMU Scientific Committee.

Stéphane Thébault

Assistant director of strategy, international affairs and resources

French department of civil defense and emergency preparedness

Administrateur civil hors classe, Stéphane Thebault was appointed Deputy Director of Strategy, International Affairs and Resources at the DGSCGC in March 2020.
Stéphane Thebault was previously Head of the Interior and Government Action Office at the Budget Directorate of the French Ministry of Public Action and Accounts. He holds a doctorate in public law from the University of Paris-I Panthéon-Sorbonne, and was a lecturer in public law at the University of Burgundy from 2008 to 2013.

Hervé Roy


Secouristes Sans Frontières

Hervé Roy is an emergency physician with 30 years’ experience at the SAMU de Dijon, 15 of which as manager, where he was heavily involved in managing the first two COVID waves. He then became medical director of the Bourgogne Franche Comté Emergency Network. He is President of the NGO Secouristes Sans Frontières Médical Team and a member of the HEMS scientific committee of the Fondation de l’Académie de Médecine.

Éric Zipper


Corps mondial de secours

Eric Zipper is a French business leader, who leads an associative life dedicated mainly to rescue, alongside his professional life.
A speleologist and rescue worker, he has participated in and led rescue operations in Thailand after the 2004 tsunami, in Haiti in 2010, in the Philippines in 2013, in Nepal in April 2015, in the Var in 2020 and in Ukraine in 2022.