1st semester


Paris Expo

Porte de Versailles, France

Secours Expo 2017


Secours Expo 2017

Because of its unifying force, Secours Expo is the essential European biennial meeting for all professionals in the field of rescue, emergency care and prevention. 

Its missions are as follow:

  • To offer a place for exchanges, information and debates to the various components of this community of rescue, emergency care and risk prevention
  • To encourage feedback, the sharing of best practices and communication within a fragmented profession
  • To bring a vision of rescue, emergency care and risk prevention that goes beyond the French borders
  • To organize a federating event that reinforces, creates, proposes and facilitates alliances between all authorities, organizations and professionals
  • To improve the working conditions of professionals and to maintain dialogue between the different components of the community

All these missions converge towards a common goal, the raison d’être of Secours Expo:

to simplify and optimize risk prevention in general and victim care in particular.


Specialists in rescue, emergency care and risk prevention share a common motivation: to protect and save lives. Until now, no other event has been able to bring together all of these players.

Since 2015, the Secours Expo exhibition has brought together all categories of professionals and all emergency professions in the same time and place.