1st semester


Paris Expo

Porte de Versailles, France


2026 program is coming soon


During Secours Expo, you can assist to numerous conferences, round tables and symposiums, in both French and English. Moderated by specialized journalists or professionals, those conferences will highlight burning topics and will help the sharing of European experiences and best practices. 


For example in 2024:


  • An inaugural conference about the Paris 2024 Olympic Games
  • A serie of conferences on earthquakes in Turkey and Syria
  • A focus on war in Ukraine
  • A conference on how the National ambulance service of Hungary handled the Covid-19 pandemic

And a round of conferences highlighting the European professionals of the various corporations belonging to the different services of rescue and emergency emergency care:  

  • Psychologists
  • Medical rescue and heath services
  • Disaster medicine
  • Ambulances
  • Mountain rescue

workshops & dEmonstrations

- Workshops

Analysis of initiatives from the local population and integration in crisis management 

The support of those involved in road accidents at the scene of intervention

Psychological pathologies at work and their recognition

Risk and crisis management: unity is strength

Innovation in the civil security and rescue sector: the challenge of structuring

- DEmonstrations

Paramedics demonstration 


Animal rescue


Ambulance demonstrations

Vehicle extraction

Awards ceremony Innovation Trophies

Make-up challenge


Bataillon de Marins-Pompiers de Marseille


Secours Expo 2022

In a time where international collaboration is more essential than ever (war in Ukraine, Paris 2024 Olympic Games, natural and technological disasters…), the Secours Expo 2024 program underlines the importance of cooperation between different emergency specialists and the pooling of national and international experiences.

In order to offer a vision of emergency care and prevention that goes beyond the French borders, the Secours Expo exhibition has broadened its scope and will propose:

  • A bilingual program which allows foreign delegations to enjoy exclusive content throughout the exhibition 
  • Focus and reflections on current international issues (war in Ukraine, management of Covid-19, earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, Olympic Games, etc.)
  • A series of conferences dedicated to European professionals from the various corporations that make up the emergency and rescue services
  • Speeches by European experts and professionals (Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, etc.) 
  • A congress organized by Eusem (European Society for Emergency Medicine) on emergency medicine 
  • A European Innovation Awards contest, highlighting products or services likely to improve the productivity, performance or safety of professionals in the field of emergency care and risk prevention. More information below.


With a jury composed of the highest representatives and professionals of emergency care and medicine in France, The Innovation Awards any innovative product or service which has the potential to increase productivityperformance or safety for all relief, pre-emergency care and prevention professionals.

What to expect from this contest: various categories, a multitude of experts recognized by the profession and above all: innovations that promise to revolutionize the world of rescue, emergency care and prevention.