Survival Kit: This is THE survival kit!
Composed of a compartmentalized soft kit, 1 survival blanket, 2 pairs of vinyl gloves, 1 pair of 14cm JESCO scissors, 1 Israeli compression bandage with handle, 1 hemostatic cushion Hemo cutter +, and 1 tourniquet.

Our boxes and first aid kits:
By trades as for electricians, craftsmen, plumbers ... Or as needed, with the First Care kit, for first aid, or the Rando kit, to have during hikes or the semi-rigid kits from the Pratineir range.

Severed limb recovery set:
The Transfribag bag keeps cold for more than 4 hours (with 4 renewed cold bags) It has an isothermal internal coating, a carrying handle and is equipped with a probe for monitoring the temperature.

The HAIP kit (Human Anatomic Ice Pocket) is a set including 1 HAIP® bag, 1 traceability label, 2 instant cold bags, 5 sterile gauze compresses 10 x 10 cm, 1 hemoneir compressive pad 10 cm, 1 pair of gloves vinyl and 1 DASRI medical waste bag, to guarantee the protection of the severed limb.

Rescue bags:
Our 0² Rescue Bag is an emergency bag specially designed for the transport of O2. Functional thanks to its semi-rigid structure, retro-reflective bands, its trolley and wheels.

The Ambu Spur II disposable insufflator; It allows rapid inhalation of oxygen. Available in adult, child or neonatal size.