Nacatur provides a complete range of disposable products (gloves, gowns, overalls, surgical face masks, facial filtering masks, glasses and visors for the eyes protection), all certified as Personal Protective Equipment in Cat. III, essential in this critical period in order to react efficiently and effectively against the risk of biological and chemical contamination.

Nacatur, a responsibile and dedicated Group
Nacatur undertakes to produce and supply high-quality products, within the perspective of sustainable development:

  • Innovation 2019: marketing of BIODEGRADABLE NITRILE disposable gloves
  • Wide range of products, tested and certified with maximum technical properties (PPE III Cat. – protection against chemical and biological risk) to protect the health and safety of users
  • The promotion of its Medical Devices in order to maintain a high level of safety and health protection against the risk of accidental blood exposures (ABE) and accidental needlestick injuries: safety syringes, safety needles, safety IV cannula needles, safety scalp vein sets.