The Experts

Secours Expo’s experts are referents in their field and have accepted to join us to represent all professionals from emergency rescue and prevention. Their differences clearly show the organization team’s will to federate people and to offer them a place to debate.


French Society of Disaster Medicine (SFMC)

Secours Expo experts committee manager

Scientific recommandations

CHU Nancy

Director of cardiovascular diseases and intensive care department

Samu de paris

Director of the SAMU de Paris

French Red Cross

Director of the Global first aid reference centerof the InternationalFederation of Red Cross

National Federation of Firefighters of France (FNSPF)

Manager of medical coordination and claims department 

Brigade de sapeurs-pompiers de Paris

Emergency doctor

Hôpital Lariboisière (Paris)

Director of emergency service

Ministry of Interior

Special advisor of the Ministry of Interior

Brigade de Sapeurs-Pompiers de Paris

Emergency service manager 



Deputy manager of the training department

French Red Cross

Director of the parisian ambulance drivers learning center


Head doctor


Doctor Colonel

Brigade de sapeurs-pompiers de Paris

Emergency doctor

Bataillon des marins-pompiers de Marseille

Director of mobile emergency service and intensive care unit

National Association of Instructors and First Aid Instructors (ANIMS)


National Association of Firefighter Nurses (ANISP)


Radiocommunications and telemedecine


Radiocommunication Specialist



Vice President in charge of International Relations and Communication


Risks prevention

Ordre de Malte France

First Aid Advisor and Relief Actions



Expert in safeguarding populations


Specialized rescue services

French Federation of Rescue and First Aid (FFSS)

Federal physician and member of the steering committee


National Association of Ski Slope Safety Professionals (ANPSP)

Referring physician


Pelotons de gendarmerie de haute montagne

First Aid Advisor and Relief Actions


Hôpitaux Civils de Colmar

Director of the Emergency Department


Société nationale de sauvetage en mer (SNSM)

Présidant de la commission médicale

Cardiologue de profession, le Dr Charles Hudelo préside la commission médicale de la Société nationale de sauvetage en mer (SNSM) et siège à la Société française de médecine maritime.

SAMU-SMUR de Dijon

Head of functional unit


Armée de Terre

Office Assistant Condition of Personnel Human Environment

Corps mondial du secours (CMS)




Faculty of Law of Nantes

Health Law Specialist


Barreau de Colmar



Barreau de Paris – Protection civile de Paris

Lawyer specializing in medical law and insurance


Barreau de Paris

Lawyer specialized in medical law



Cabinet Anthropsy

Doctor in anthropology from EHESS


French Red Cross

Secretary to the Committee of Wise Men


SAMU de Paris

Director of the medico-psychological emergency unit


Organisation des nations unies (ONU)

Consultant to the High Commission for Defense and the UN


Armée de Terre

Independent consultant specialized in management
crisis situations and their human impact


European Association of Firefighting Psychologists (AEPSP)

Vice President



Emergency doctor



Association Emergency Practice Training