Secours Expo 2016



Inaugural speeches





Rescue and emergency care in the face of the multiple attacks in Paris

Youth and first aid: the emergence of a culture

GRAND TÉMOIN – The Charlie Hebdo attack of January 7, 2015

Teletransmissions and technology

Floods, foreseeable disasters?

Material support in the service of people

SITUATION POINT – Scientific recommendations 1/3: cardiac massage

SITUATION POINT – Scientific Recommendations 2/3: Defibrillation

SITUATION POINT – Scientific Recommendations 3/3: artificial respiration

GRAND TÉMOIN – A rescuer in Nepal, the earthquake of April 25, 2015

GRAND TÉMOIN – The bus accident in Sierre (Switzerland) on 13 March 2012

Extreme sports, what are the limits for rescue?

Regulation and interconnectivity: for optimized support

Disability and rescue, what consideration, what compatibility?

SUAP/AMU circular: towards the end of the red-white “war”?

ROUND TABLE – OHS, cost and business advantage

Reserves, instructions for use