Permanent Workshop

Occupational Health & Safety


Words from the experts


INAUGURAL CONFERENCE – Relief, security, safety: the abolition of borders?


SITUATION POINT – Great National Cause 2017: Sea Rescue (SNSM)

ROUND TABLE – NRBC-E: a sector boosted by new threats

ROUND TABLE – Universities and Grandes Ecoles: what gateways to professionalisation?

DEBATE – The emergence of Anglo-Saxon training courses

ROUND TABLE – Made in France: how to become competitive (again)?

DEBATE – Does the promotion of life-saving behaviours really reduce accidentology?

GRAND TÉMOIN – Colonel Pierre Grenier: July 25, 2000, the Concorde crash

ROUND TABLE – Paramedics in the pre-hospital emergency department: a model at risk?

DEBATE – Will tomorrow’s trainers be virtual?

ROUND TABLE – Graduated model: from system D to innovative protocol

ROUND TABLE – Should we fear the diseases we thought had been eradicated?

GRAND TÉMOIN – Dr Estelle Legeard (SNSM): June 6, 2015, rescue during the Volvo Ocean Race

ROUND TABLE – Resilience: taking an innovative look at protecting populations

Drone: Should we get caught up in the game?

DEBATE – Merger of employee delegates, works councils and CHSCT, what impact on health and safety at work?

ROUND TABLE – What is the place of prevention in Occupational Health and Safety?

SITUATION POINT – The Olympic Games in Paris 2024: what implications, what preparations for those involved in the rescue effort?

ROUND TABLE – Crisis and business continuity: how are companies coping?

Challenge Secours Expo 2018: nursing component

DEBATE – Glucometer, ECG: medical tools or first aiders?

ROUND TABLE – Short modules: training or awareness?

SITUATION POINT – IRMA Storm: September 2017

ROUND TABLE – Rescue and industry: a win-win partnership?

Challenge Secours Expo 2018: first-aid component