Official inauguration of Secours Expo 2019

The evolution of vehicles and accidentology by Renault 2019

Trophées de l’Innovation Ceremony 2019

International Road Rescue Challenge by Renault 2019

Demonstration of extrication by Renault 2019

“Grand témoin international”: Eric Zipper, CMS intervention, Typhoon Haiyan, November 2013

2019 CPR Challenge Award Ceremony


GRAND TÉMOIN – Nicolas Chebroux: Typhoon Haiyan, November 2013

IMMERSION – Disaster Response: A Canadian Emergency Manager’s Perspective

Citizen resilience: what progress has been made?

One victim, assessments?

CAFE SCIENCE – The methodology of international recommendations

GRAND TÉMOIN – Irma, in the heart of the storm

IMMERSION – Sirius, rescue in isolated areas

International scientific recommendations 2020: what directions?

Sanitary transport: a model/market in transition.

Cinema debate – 10 days at sea

GRAND TÉMOIN – Mediterranean SOS

IMMERSION – Underwater rescue

The medicalization of the event

What economic model for approved civil security associations in the future?