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Paris Expo

Porte de Versailles, France



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heated stretcher mattress and heated vacumm mattress by ak medtec

Innovation description

Heated mattresses fit all models of stretcher. They can be heated to 3 levels: 32°, 36° and 40°C, with an integrated, battery-powered heating system. The aim is to increase patient comfort during transport and prevent hypothermia.

atlas by blackcat brassard

Innovation description

Atlas is an innovative infusion and syringe holder that fits in your pocket. Its hook-and-loop fastener and magnet mean it can be clipped on in a variety of situations, or magnetised.


Innovation description

This manual pneumatic tourniquet is designed for emergency use. Featuring a safety valve and a wider design than the usual tactical tourniquet, it cuts off circulation at a lower pressure. It does not require a pressure gauge, so it follows the patient from the moment he or she is taken on site to the operating theatre.


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oky doky by humanissimum

Emergency Medicine & care


Developed by the Normandy-based start-up Humanissimum SAS, Oky Doky is the first AI platform that enriches, optimizes and secures the processing of calls to emergency services.

It aims to halve the time it takes to process a sensitive call and to fight against the mental burden of caregivers.

safe ur back by Safecaddy

Risk Prevention

The only emergency cart that reduces musculoskeletal disorders for the transport of heavy loads. It is a ready-to-use emergency kit. It gathers on a mobile unit́ all the necessary elements to prevent or contain an emergency situation.

European patent pending.

qube7 by Schiller france


The qube7 simulator is used to train emergency personnel in the management of patients in emergency situations.

Based on the DEFIGARD® Touch 7, Qube7 faithfully reproduces the functionalities of the multiparameter monitor-defibrillator for increasingly realistic real-life cases.

pas de panique ! by anna et anton editions

Civil security & risk mangement

The “No Panic!” collection of books is a graphic creation for children as young as 3 years old that integrates technical concepts of prevention and first aid. Each album has a “key messages” section to help children understand what is important to remember.

The collection aims to address, in a very progressive way, all the themes of the PSC1, but also prevention themes that are still too little taught, such as water prevention or fire safety.

UrgSAP InterOP’ by à Propos

Public Award

The objective of UrgSAP InterOP’ is to make the actors of the rescue and emergency care, firemen, ambulance drivers, CODIS, SAMU, emergency reception, public, private, communicate quickly and simply in order to optimize all along the chain, the safety and the quality of care of the victims.


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 the “XpertEye Lite” by AMA 

In early 2014, the AMA company was contacted by Dr. Philippe Collin. This orthopedic surgeon based in Rennes (35) was looking for a solution to train his students remotely. His goal? To achieve a world first: a surgical operation that would be followed by colleagues in Japan. How can this be done? Through the use of connected glasses. And the operation was a success!

A little less than ten years later, XpertEye Lite won first place in the Innovation Awards. Integrated into the Centaure 15 software and compatible with the EMS portal, this remote assistance solution allows the dispatcher to send an SMS with a secure link to the smartphone of the caller, a witness or to emergency professionals (firefighters, SMUR, ambulance drivers) in order to establish a geolocated video without having to download an application.

without having to download an application. Once the call has been established, the regulating doctor can remotely take control of the caller’s smartphone, and thus visualize the person and the context of the intervention.

All these criteria will help the dispatcher to establish the diagnosis for optimal care of the victim. We have been working closely with the fire brigades and emergency services for years to provide them with an ergonomic platform that improves their daily processes,” says Thomas Waendendries, vice president of sales and marketing at AMA. And the Secours Expo Innovation Awards are a great reward that will further strengthen the recognition of XpertEye Lite among emergency and rescue professionals.

tthe ” STixx pro” by BEFPI

That’s what we call a nice double win. After winning first place last year for the compact XtinKlein extinguisher, BEFPI – the exclusive French distributor of the Swedish company Maus – was again in the running this year with a fine second place for the Stixx Pro. Meeting CE standards, this self-contained fire-fighting device is a sticker made up of a part of extinguishing agent (potassium) connectead to a filament that starts the extinguishing process as soon as it has reached a temperature of 180°C. The Stixx Pro also includes a plastic housing with an adhesive strip for easy installation in electrical panels, computer servers, etc.

The system allows for almost immediate extinction, thus avoiding any propagation by instantly extinguishing the flame thanks to the release of a harmless inert gas that encapsulates the burning particles in space,” explains Medhi Lemaire, director of BEFPI. In addition, the product is environmentally friendly: it is non-toxic, generates no residue and disappears into the air, unlike CO2, for example.

Marketed in France since 2021 and already the recipient of several awards at various trade shows, Stixx Pro is attracting interest from a variety of companies (construction, drone manufacturers, preventionists, etc.).

After forming partnerships with exhibitors at Se- cours Expo 2022, Medhi Lemaire is optimistic about the event’s impact. And he is already thinking about a new innovation that would enhance the effectiveness of Stixx Pro. With, who knows, perhaps an exclusive presentation at the eighth edition of Secours Expo in 2024…

the “MEQU” by silvert médical

In 2020, Silvert Medical is launching the marketing of MEQU in France. Unfortunately, this process will be slowed down by the pandemic that is starting at the same time. That’s why Mickael Silvert, co-manager of Silvert Médical – the company that distributes the MEQU designed and manufactured by the Danish company of the same name – is delighted with the award he received at Secours Expo 2022, a bronze innovation trophy.

The MEQU is a transport infusion and transfusion heater that cannot be assembled incorrectly. Equipped with its Power Pack battery, it reheats up to two liters of cold blood from 5 to 37°C in less than ten seconds on a single charge at flow rates up to 150 ml per minute.

“Today, infusions are carried out at room temperatures of 10°C. That’s the whole point of the MEQU, which aims to prevent patients from falling into hypothermia, with all the complications that this implies,” says Mickael Silvert. With a capacity to heat four liters of solute at room temperature (from 20 to 39°C), the MEQU is very easy to use, ultra compact and light. These characteristics are of interest to pre-hospital rescue workers. “We had many contacts with the military before Secours Expo 2022. And at the show, in addition to the military, we met with mountain rescue services and fire departments, not to mention Parisian and provincial hospitals that do not have infusion heaters, apart from operating theaters. These are all promising avenues which, beyond the pre-hospital world, open up broad development prospects.


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the “MAUS Xtin Kleinfire extinguisher by BEFPI

Xtin klein is a compact, CE-certified extinguisher weighing 480 grams with an extinguishing capacity comparable to a 2 kg extinguisher.

Maintenance-free for five years, compact and easy to use, it allows you to intervene on the outbreak of a fire, whatever the class of fire. Xtin Klein is also a residue-free extinguisher: it does not damage or destroy the environment.

the “PROTECT’Air” by Tanit Evolution 

PROTECT’Air is a type I medical device. Its objective? To isolate the ENT sphere of patients contaminated or suspected of being contaminated by Covid-19 or by any other infection transmissible by the respiratory route during the administration of treatment and/or during transport. Easy to use, reusable, space-saving, autonomous and maintenance-free.

the “Archéon” by Eolife

EOlife® is an intelligent system that measures ventilatory parameters and provides real-time feedback on the quality of manual ventilation according to the patient profile encountered. This medical device for manual ventilation is dedicated to the management of adult patients in cardiorespiratory arrest.


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the “DIAL” beacon by Ido-Data

Specialized in the development of connected objects, Ido-data was asked by the French National Sea Rescue Society (SNSM) to design the DIAL

With a 12-hour autonomy, the individual alert and localization device consists of a waterproof GPS beacon inserted in a highly resistant bracelet. The DIAL has been designed for water sports and boating enthusiasts, as well as for the safety of children on the beach.

Thanks to the dedicated mobile application, it is possible for a referent to follow the itinerary in real time by the wearer of the bracelet, and to receive the alert in case of triggering.

The application has been developed to connect the referent directly with the CROSS. When the latter triggers the alert, an email is sent to the rescue service to locate the position of the DIAL on alert.

THE  “Halo” by CleanSpace

CleanSpace motorized system, Halo is a battery powered positive pressure breathing apparatus. This model is the latest generation of respiratory protection. Suitable for medical workers and emergency services, it guarantees high protection according to CE (EN12942) and IP66 standards adapted to decontamination protocols.

Available as half or full face masks in several sizes, the Halo incorporates AirsensitTM technology that controls the positive pressure inside the mask 100 times per second, ensuring that no contaminated airflow enters the mask even if the seal breaks, such as when users are talking.

Comfortable to wear and easy to use, the Halo is lightweight (370 g). It fits over a soft silicone mask, requires no belt or cable, and can be used with a stethoscope.

the  “QCPR” technology by Laerdal

Specialized in the development of products for training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation, airway management, advanced life support training, trauma training, defibrillation, and full patient management simulation, Laerdal offers on all new adult and pediatric QCPR manikins the technology of the same name.

This QCPR technology allows to monitor and evaluate the quality of the actions performed on the dummies in real time thanks to two applications: QCPR Learner and QCPR Instructor.

The first one allows to evaluate the quality of the compressions (measurement of rhythm, depth and level of release) and ventilations (duration, volume of air insufflated and respect of the rhythm), while the second one allows to have an overview on several mannequins with real time feedback of the learners’ performances.

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