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Don't Panic



Product description

The “No Panic!” collection of books is a graphic creation for children as young as 3 years old that integrates technical concepts of prevention and first aid. Each book has a “key messages” section to help children understand what is important to remember. The aim of the collection is to address, in a very progressive way, all the themes of the PSC1, but also prevention themes that are still not taught enough, such as water prevention or fire safety.

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The 3 strong points

  • Useful

  • Accessible

  • Playful

How is this an innovation?

“Don’t Panic! is an innovative project because it proposes an approach to the basics of prevention and first aid through a world adapted to young children, which breaks with the classic technical approach. The albums are easily accessible tools and can be reread regularly, which favors learning, allows for reinvestment and ultimately to anchor them. The children identify with the characters, which encourages them to imitate them. They then carry out “concrete cases” through the game without naming them. The children play at giving assistance. The awareness is then progressive and playful and gives them confidence in their ability to react well. Throughout childhood, “PAS de Panique!” accompanies children to become the rescue citizens of tomorrow.

The company

“Anna and Anton” offers a playful approach to raising awareness of life-saving behaviors and gestures, through :

– The publication of the albums of the collection “Don’t Panic!” Anna and Anton’s adventures to learn how to help and save lives”.

– The development of practical workshops to play with first aid.

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