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Paris Expo

Porte de Versailles, France

UrgSAP InterOP’



Product description

The objective of UrgSAP InterOP’ is to make the actors of the rescue and emergency care, firemen, ambulance drivers, CODIS, SAMU, emergency reception, public, private, communicate quickly and simply in order to optimize all along the chain, the safety and the quality of care of the victims.

The 3 strong points

  • Thanks to its interoperability, UrgSAP InterOP’ favors the collaboration between the prehospital/regulating physician/referral hospital for the benefit of the victim.

  • Sharing all the necessary information in record time saves time for the entire rescue chain.

  • The ease of use allows users to get up to speed quickly, optimizing the quality and safety of patient care.

How is this an innovation?

The most beautiful innovation, upstream of telemedicine, algorithms for dummies, or any other technical innovation contained in UrgSAP, is societal. It is the collaborative intelligence, which mobilizes around UrgSAP InterOP’ all the actors of the emergency care and rescue for the benefit of victims and patients.

The company

Designer of software for emergency care and rescue professionals

The company

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