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brainLight Mobil

by brainLight France


Product description

brainLight Mobil brings Hemi-sync brainLight technology directly to your smartphone!
Instead of having to go to the corporate office to do your brainLight session, it is now possible to do it anywhere, anytime.
The product consists of a pair of viewing glasses and transportable headphones, as well as a smartphone application. On the application you will find all your brainLight programs: meditations, musical relaxation, sophrology… available even offline.

The use is very simple and intuitive:

– Connect the glasses and headphones to your smartphone (bluetooth)

– Choose your program among the available programs (meditations, relaxation, positive affirmations, better sleep at night…)

– Sit comfortably, put on the visualization glasses and close your eyes

– Start the chosen program

– The rest is done automatically, until the end of the program and therefore the end of the glasses and the headset

When a program is selected, a perfectly coordinated interaction of light impulses (which are perceived via the viewing glasses when the eyes are closed), sound impulses (which are at the threshold of audibility and are only perceived if you consciously pay attention) and music starts. Depending on the program, this is also accompanied by speech. The light and sound frequencies, i.e. the Hemi-Sync technology, aim to connect the brain hemispheres and bring the brain waves into a relaxed state. Studies regularly conducted with our clients in partnership with universities demonstrate the strong impact of this technology on

Stress reduction

Letting go

Inner balance

Emotional well-being

Reducing the risk of burn-out

Improved performance and motivation

The 3 strong points

  • Accessibility: no prerequisites. Even a person who has never meditated or has difficulty letting go is guided by the Hemi-sync technology and can have an effective break and a considerable boost of energy in record time (10min)

  • Availability: anywhere and anytime. We don’t know when an important event may occur, or when a need to let go may arise. At that moment, it is not a question of having to wait for an intervener to be available to receive us, or to be able to return to the office to find an answer to one’s need. Thanks to brainLight Mobil, I can enjoy the benefits of Hemi-sync technology anytime and anywhere, especially when I really need it.
  • Letting go: This is something we are not used to. The brain is a machine that is constantly working. Except for people who practice hours of meditation and mind clearing, it is difficult to do. The Hemi-sync technology stimulation makes it possible to achieve this quickly and in record time, even for a novice. Perfect for releasing the pressure after a long day or even after an important event (as emergency workers often experience).

How is this an innovation?

brainLight has been a pioneer in the democratization of Hemi-sync technology: since 1987 in Germany. This experience acquired through customer feedback and the evolution of the market’s needs has allowed the technology to progress and become more and more relevant and efficient.

This technology has developed a lot in Germany, but has not yet been democratized in France. We have been bringing it to the French market for two years. The technology itself already consists of a new/innovative process for prevention, well-being and performance.

To date, the fact that the technology is portable and integrated into the smartphone is a technological advance that is both relevant and in line with the times, made possible by the evolution of smartphone performance.
We are the only ones on the market to have achieved this, especially with wearable eyewear.

The company

Your well-being is based on a sensational experience.
brainLight develops invigorating relaxation systems based on a patented combination of Hemi-sync technology and automated massage chairs. This combination is unique in the world.
Hemi-sync technology works by audio-visual stimulation and aims to synchronize the two hemispheres of the brain, while bringing the brain frequencies to a relaxed state (similar to rest, meditation or even deep sleep).
This patent has been developed for over 30 years, and is based on numerous studies that demonstrate its effectiveness and benefits.
We bring this material as a concrete solution for quality of life at work and prevention, for effective breaks that considerably increase the physical and mental health of employees, while reducing psychosocial risks.
Only 10 minutes of sessions are equivalent to 2 hours of sleep in terms of recovery!

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