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PRODUCT LAUNCH DATE: 2nd half of 2023

Product description

The first sanitary transport cart with motorized loading and unloading. Equipped with high technology, CABBRI works with its Axionis anchoring system by detection and infrared/bluetooth recognition in order to facilitate the loading/unloading in full safety even on inclined plane; in 10 seconds, without effort and up to 350 kg in 10 seconds, without effort and up to 350 kg connection is instantaneous to the vehicle.

The 3 strong points

  • Loading/unloading in 10”

  • Elimination of RSI, ease of use and maintenance

  • Easy to use and to maintain

How is this an innovation?

The CABBRI transport cart is protected by several patents, for its technology of communicating handles for controlled loading/unloading, stowing and for its general concept.
This new cart brings an unequalled comfort of use by removing all the daily efforts which can generate TMS, by securing and automating the operations of loading and unloading without human assistance up to 250 kg on inclined plane at 16°.

The company

RTS CHAPUIS, certified since 1998 ISO 9001, is specialized in the design and manufacture of patient transport equipment, intended for medical transport (carts, stretchers, chairs, etc…). All our products are certified “Origine France Garantie”, and meet the European standards NF EN 1865 and NF EN 1789.
With more than 55 years of experience and recognition from hospitals, fire departments, private ambulances and funeral services, we manufacture high quality equipment in order to provide the greatest satisfaction of use and services to the professionals of medical transport.

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