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Product launch date : 2016 marketed in France by Corben since 2023

Product description

Corpatch® is a connected medical device that allows, when an adult victim is in cardiac arrest, to quickly and precisely measure the movements of his chest while the first rescuer performs resuscitation maneuvers. It is a precise guide that allows to optimize the quality of the gestures performed while waiting for the arrival of the rescue team.

The 3 strong points

  • Increases the quality of the procedure in order to improve the survival rate of a patient in cardiac arrest

  • Intuitive (very simple and easy to use thanks to the application)

  • Accurate (Accurately assesses the quality of cardiac massage)

How is this an innovation?

This product is innovative because it is within everyone’s reach to perform an efficient cardiac resuscitation, thus saving precious time while waiting for the arrival of the emergency services.
It is a real aid to cardiac massage, which measures in real time the quality of the gesture and, if necessary, guides the first responder to adapt or even correct his gesture to gain in efficiency.
Moreover, Corpatch® can also be used to practice cardiac massage independently (directly at home, in a quiet environment) in order to familiarize oneself with the application and the comments on CPR, which prepares the user and gives him the means to act if he witnesses a real cardiac arrest.

The company

Corben is a 100% French company, created in 2004.
Today, we have a team of 15 employees.
As a recognized national player, we manufacture and/or distribute equipment dedicated to Personal Rescue. We offer practical, robust and quality products, meeting the expectations of emergency and rescue professionals. Our philosophy has always been: “Corben accompanies safe gestures”.

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