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Delivrone Emergency Drone

by delivrone


Product description

Due to an average intervention time of 13 minutes in France, the survival rate after cardiac arrest is only 5%, or 50,000 deaths per year.
In response, connected to the emergency services, Delivrone Emergency Drone sends and heliports a defibrillator to the witness thanks to an autonomous drone.

The 3 strong points

  • The sending of the drone can be triggered by the emergency services

  • This solution saves precious minutes by starting defibrillation before the emergency services stop

  • Increases the commitment of the emergency services by making the exits more efficient

How is this an innovation?

The idea is to transport a defibrillator as quickly as possible and to do it in the simplest and most automatic way possible. This initiative has never been tested and scientifically studied in France.

The company

Delivrone helps healthcare workers save lives through innovative transport technologies.
With its network of drones, healthcare facilities can transport biology, medication, defibrillators, etc. up to 5 times faster and with a 95% lower carbon impact.

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