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Product description

MyDPS is the interoperability solution of Exos, intended for the approved civil associations to facilitate the exchanges between a DPS and the SAMU, as well for the declaration of the event, as for the transmission of the reports or the follow-up of the DPS on a territory.
The whole by lowering the rate of occupation on line of the operators.

The 3 strong points

  • Simplified declaration

  • Secure data exchange

  • Time saving

How is this an innovation?

The MyDPS application makes it possible to avoid a long and tedious telephone exchange between the first-aid workers and the ARM of the SAMU, through the automatic transmission of an exhaustive, protected and fast declaration of the whole of the data related to a Provisional Rescue System.
The innovation resides in the resolution of the problem of the rate of
The innovation lies in the resolution of the problem of the rate of occupation on line of the ARM of the SAMU, the permanent traceability and the security of the data.

The company

Exos is a software company that equips the call reception and regulation centers of the SAMU-SAS, where the decision of the human being is of high value, security or action. With a double competence in telephony and computer science, it works in three fields of competence:

– Software design
– Integration of complex solutions
– The accompaniment of the transformation of organizations

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