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The virtual living room

by Fédération Francaise de Prévention des Risques Domestiques

PRODUCT LAUNCH DATE: October 03, 2022

Product description

The virtual living room allows families, parents, educators, trainers, and children to move around a room to analyze the potential risks incurred by an 18-month-old child. This virtual reality was designed to raise awareness of domestic risks and increase the prevention of families and professionals. This digital educational tool puts the user in the shoes of an 18-month-old child and allows an awakening to the culture of prevention. It activates new learning levers, and makes it possible for everyone (teachers, educators, social workers…) to train children in total autonomy by having access to this educational tool, free of charge. This edutainment tool also allows childcare professionals to animate projects for families during meetings or coffee-discussions.

The 3 strong points

  • Easily and freely accessible

  • Immersive and representative

  • Educational with several possibilities (usable by children and in animation mode)

How is this an innovation?

Through digital technology and its simple and accessible character, the prevention house uses the technology and the web network to allow everyone, without limits of borders or costs, to do prevention.

This technology does not require the downloading of applications or other software.

The company

The French Federation for the Prevention of Domestic Risks aims to train children, parents, and more broadly citizens and youth leaders in the prevention of domestic risks and in life-saving techniques, to develop educational tools, and to study the risks and protection of accident victims.

Its missions: To build a network of knowledge and skills for the prevention of domestic risks and the learning of life-saving gestures.

To promote and transmit the knowledge and the actions of prevention through various educational missions;
To be a resource federation and a tool for the development of :
Scientific research projects;
Research projects in technological innovation;
Prevention actions;
Awareness actions for all publics

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