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PRODUCT LAUNCH DATE : January 4, 2023

Product description

Children under the age of 4 are statistically the most at risk of drowning.

The new Ruth Lee aquatic dummy takes the very realistic shape of a child between 1 and 4 years old.
It allows for continuous training without the need for material changes.
Experience shows that the realism of the material and the situation significantly increases the trainees’ stress and involvement levels and thus better prepares them for a real situation.

A realistic mannequin

Enabling rescue professionals to train in the most realistic way possible is essential to reducing drowning deaths.
The Infant Water Rescue Manikin replicates hydrostatic compression, which means that water does not enter the pulmonary system, but you can choose to add water, which allows you to simulate submersion or immersion drowning scenarios and teach conditions like pulmonary edema.
The mannequin torso is an ultra-realistic male form, with all the anatomical features you’d expect from a toddler medical simulation mannequin for airway management skills.

For use in real-life conditions

It is vital for clinical care training to take place in an environment that is as close to real-world conditions as possible. Unlike anything else available to rescue teams, this manikin will allow you to simulate complex rescue scenarios of a drowned toddler. Once out of the water, continue essential medical care, allowing rescuers and medical trainees to learn how to handle this situation in a more realistic way.
The manikin’s rugged outer body promotes buoyancy in all waters, and it floats in a drowned position for ultra-realistic rescues. Foam pads also allow you to adjust buoyancy for submerged rescues.
Experience shows that the realism of the equipment and the situation significantly increases the stress levels and involvement of the trainees and thus better prepares them for a real situation.

The 3 strong points

  • The realism of the face and torso

  • Allows for water rescue training in medical procedures (intubation, cardiac massage, breathing mask etc.)

  • The realism of the weight and the sensation of “wearing” a human body

How is this an innovation?

To date, lifeguards train with uniformly colored plastic torsos, without arms or legs.
This new dummy allows them to take their training to a whole new level: from getting out of the water to first aid medical procedures with the same dummy, allowing them to perform all the technical procedures as in a real intervention.

For the trainees, the realistic aspect of the face and torso allows them to be confronted more closely with the emotional aspects of rescuing a child.

The company

Since 2002, HYDROTOP has been selling, distributing and installing fire and rescue equipment.
Based in Brumath, the group works for a professional clientele of industrialists as well as organizations belonging to the departmental fire and rescue services. As a representative of the manufacturer Firedos since the beginning, Hydrotop has become a key player in the fields of fire protection and special risks.

Thanks to this experience and the solid partnership that unites Hydrotop with its suppliers, the subsidiary Hydrotop Services has been offering since 2018 all preventive and curative maintenance services on the equipment sold by Hydrotop.

More recently, Hydrotop has developed in the rescue field by offering rescue training dummies and a range of operational products for rescue professionals.

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