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Universal Stylet Bougie

by intersurgical


Product description

The Universal Stylet Bougie, or USB, represents a significant advance in the design and development of tracheal guides (bougies) and stylets. The hybrid concept also eliminates the need to carry individual devices of each type, taking advantage of both clinical options.

The 3 strong points

  • Hybrid candle and stylus, 2 devices in 1

  • Hexagonal shape for easy insertion and removal

  • Smaller footprint for more convenient storage

How is this an innovation?

Traditionally, the design requirements for styli and guides have been considered incompatible. A stylet requires sufficient rigidity to allow a tracheal tube to be manipulated and held at a desired angle, while a guide must be flexible enough to allow adequate tactile feedback from the tracheal rings while providing specific shape memory for proper insertion.

The unique design of the USB includes two metal inserts, with different properties, on either side of a more flexible midsection.

The USB can easily be pre-shaped at different angles when used as a stylus, but has all the flexibility needed when used as a guide to provide significantly improved tracheal ring tactile feedback.

The company

Intersurgical designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of high quality medical devices for the respiratory approach worldwide. We offer customized solutions for use in airway management, anesthesia, critical care, oxygen & aerosol therapy, whether in the hospital, emergency medicine or at home.

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