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Sauv@plage by logicoss

by  Logicoss digital healthcare


Product description

Sauv@plage by logicoss is a mobile application designed for the administrative management of beach rescue stations, accessible online and offline. It gathers in the same application the 3 main administrative documents entered by the lifeguards on the beaches:

– the handrail
– the sea rescue form
– the report form

The 3 strong points

  • Requires very few clicks to use

  • Very quick to learn

  • Usable in the absence of mobile network

How is this an innovation?

  1. Administrative synergy & simplification The grouping of the handbook, the sea rescue form (or the SNSM lifeguard operation form) and the report form within the same application considerably speeds up the drafting of these documents by avoiding double or triple data entry. For example, the data entry of the sea rescue form goes from 50 pieces of information to 10 pieces of information to be filled in.
    In the end, this simplification will allow the collection of a greater number of forms, many of which are not necessarily entered by the rescue swimmers because of their cumbersome nature.


2. Weather model and statistical data consolidation capacity

Sauv@plage by logicoss is connected to an automated weather forecasting service. This allows to accelerate the declaration of the opening of the first aid station, and to collect weather data from similar sources and formats from one beach to another.

In the end, it allows to establish comparable statistical correlations between the lifeguards’ solicitation (mainly Prevention & Care) and the weather conditions at the time of the solicitation.

3. Access in disconnected mode

From May 2023, the application will be usable by any Lifeguard in the absence of mobile network. You just have to bring the tablet once a day in a mobile coverage area to resynchronize the data.

The company

Logicoss Digital Healthcare specializes in the publishing of computer applications dedicated to the management of emergency services of all sizes and types: P.A.P.S., Beach Rescue Stations, large-scale and inter-service emergency services.

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