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Porte de Versailles, France

Light CBRN decontamination chain


PRODUCT LAUNCH DATE: January 1, 2023

Product description

This individual decontamination solution is composed of an undressing tent, a decontamination tent (thanks to its portable shower and its robust hydraulic system) and a dressing tent.
These 2 tents are interconnected allowing a permanent flow of victims while keeping the protection of CBRN agents.

The 3 strong points

  • 30 CBRN decontaminated persons per hour

  • Assembly of the Chain in 10 minutes by two people

  • Easy to transport due to its volume (2m3 box) and its weight (125 kg)

How is this an innovation?

The volume (stored in an easily transportable 2m3 box) and weight (125 kg), especially with the folding shower, make this product an innovation in individual CBRN decontamination products. Moreover, the light CBRN decontamination chain is inspired by the European protocol for the treatment of contaminated victims of an Orchids CBRN event.

The company

LOSBERGER DE BOER RDS belongs to the international LOSBERGER DE BOER group, world leader in the field of rapid deployment systems and metal-textile structures. The head office is based in Paris and they have a maintenance and service center located in Mornac (16). We operate worldwide through our extensive network of entities, agents and distributors. Our expertise includes not only the design and manufacturing of inflatable and metal-textile structures, but also equipment integration and services allowing us to offer a turnkey solution. Our rapid deployment systems are designed for multiple sectors such as defense and security, aviation, industrial applications as well as humanitarian and NGO’s, in order to provide tailored solutions for the protection of people and/or sensitive equipment.

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