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FLAIM Extinguisher

by mmf

PRODUCT LAUNCH DATE: January 1, 2023 (in France)

Product description

FLAIM Fire Extinguisher is the first fire extinguisher simulator with high quality graphics running on a stand-alone headset, without cables or connected computers.

The FLAIM library contains more than 75 firefighting scenarios in a wide range of situations and locations where fires are likely to occur (residential homes, factories, trains, schools, hospitals, etc).

One of the main innovations of the FLAIM extinguisher is its case in which it comes with a built-in screen for the instructor and observers. Thanks to this simple design, the installation time is less than 5 minutes, regardless of the location.

The 3 strong points

  • A stand-alone headset without the need for a laptop

  • Delivered in a carrying case with integrated screen

  • Contains over 75 scenarios that are updated automatically

How is this an innovation?

Virtual reality fire extinguisher simulators have, until now, been built using virtual reality headsets connected to computers. This method is cumbersome to transport and has a high risk of computer problems during use. The FLAIM extinguisher is therefore the first simulator with a fully autonomous use.

The company

For more than 70 years, MMF PROTECTION & SÉCURITÉ has been selecting and distributing the best products for protection and security.

Our sales area is essentially dedicated to professionals. Our products have been carefully selected for their quality and reliability from the best French and international manufacturers. We ensure the distribution for France, in exclusivity for the majority.

The equipment covers all the standard needs of rescue and safety professionals.

Our offer is articulated around 5 fields :


We always look for and privilege the quality of the materials proposed for the safety of our professional customers. The products we sell have been carefully selected for their quality and reliability from the best French and international manufacturers in their specialty.

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