1st semester


Paris Expo

Porte de Versailles, France

Airstar LED Matrix

by prolutech


Product description

This light management base is integrated on our Redtech range. It required electronic, mechanical and computer work, 100% made in Airstar.
Our balloons are now intelligent and connected to each other and to the user.
The LED is pixelated in the form of a matrix, which allows to create new uses such as signage.

The 3 strong points

  • The best performers

  • The most competitive

  • The least energy consuming

How is this an innovation?

The field of use of our balloons is renewed. No competitor in the world of illuminating balloons offers this type of innovation or functionality. 2 international patents registered.

The company

Prolutech has been a specialist in technical lighting for nearly 34 years.
We market a range of lighting balloons, portable lighting and safety equipment, as well as a range of on-site lighting services.

We operate specifically in the fields of public works, construction and industrial maintenance, as well as in the fields of rescue and security.
Our products and services are designed to improve the working comfort, productivity and safety of operators working at night or in dark and confined spaces.

We work in close collaboration with the design office of Airstar, historical partner and world leader in the manufacture of flares. This synergy is directly put at the service of our customers who are assured of a wide range of reliable and innovative products.

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