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The qube7 simulator is used to train emergency personnel in the management of patients in emergency situations. Based on the DEFIGARD® Touch 7, Qube7 reproduces
faithfully reproduces the functionalities of the multiparameter monitor-defibrillator for increasingly realistic real-life cases.

The 3 strong points

  • Modular training sessions: the instructor can train the intervention personnel through a predefined scenario or in
    free scenario. Thus, from his control interface, he can make the victim’s state of health evolve in real time by
    of the victim in real time by varying the parameters or by adding pathological conditions
    pathological conditions (extrasystoles, arrhythmias, artifacts).

  • Adapted to the reality of the field: Qube7 enables training of intervention personnel through concrete cases that are close to
    conditions. It faithfully reproduces the defibrillation and monitoring functions of the
    the original device and has a diagnostic module for auscultation (thorax and abdomen) and
    (thorax and abdomen) and the realization of complementary examinations (blood pressure, glycemia
    temperature, etc.).

  • Simplified training management: the qubeCLOUD scenario editor allows the instructor to customize and adapt training sessions.
    training sessions. Accessible from a browser, it facilitates and centralizes the management
    (creation, edition and transmission).

How is this an innovation?

Qube7 ensures total immersion of first responders in the real-life case for better assimilation. This multiparametric simulator has an interface that is consistent with the original device:

Identical visuals and case
Similar simulation accessories
And faithful reproduction of the defibrillation and monitoring functions.

The company

SCHILLER France is the leading subsidiary of the SCHILLER group and has been distributing and providing customer service for medical devices for diagnosis and cardiopulmonary resuscitation since 1993. The company relies on innovative “breakthrough” products and its 5 sales divisions to support professionals in their daily work of improving the care of patients and victims. Today, more than 80,000 customers trust the company.

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