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Active heated chest protector

by thermotrauma

PRODUCT LAUNCH DATE: 2nd quarter 2023

Product description

It is a heating textile, meeting medical hygiene standards, positioned on the front of the trunk and neck of the injured to fight effectively and actively against accidental hypothermia.
The heating system is controlled by a regulator that meets European safety standards to avoid any risk of burns.
The device can be reused after recharging the batteries and disinfecting the textile.

The 3 strong points

  • Compact, léger, étanche et robuste pour être utilisé sur les lieux de l’accident quelles que soient les conditions climatiques.
  • Easy to apply without mobilizing the victim and without undressing him completely.
  • Adjustable temperature levels 30, 35 and 40 with a maximum autonomy of 4 hours at 40°.

How is this an innovation?

Unlike the widely used survival blanket, which is a passive means of fighting hypothermia, our patented device provides active heat to the “central core” of the wounded, with a maximum space-efficiency ratio, while limiting the risk of collapsing due to heating.
Its refillable and reusable character allows first aiders to have an efficient heating device for all injured persons.

The company

Simplified joint stock company created in January 2022 to develop the heating chest protector.
We are four associates and friends and three of us work in rescue and emergency.

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