For the first time, the National EMTs Day (JNA) will take place at Secours Expo on the 8th april 2021 the day after World Health Day, and the opening day of Secours Expo.

The National EMTs Day was created 2019. This day special date was made to salute all the women and men, health care and emergency professionals, whom are constantly at the service of the population.

A great opportunity, through presentation, practical demonstration, training, to place the spotlight on 60.000 french pre-hospital emergency professionals, that don’t don’t get enough recognition.


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Christophe Tetard, ambulance driver and company manager, Dr. Jean-Louis Zylberberg, occupational physician. 

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  • Nicolas Dejoie,  E.M.T ND;

  • Philippe Smet, E.M.T ND and company owner;

  • Franck Foray, E.M.T ND and company owner.

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  • Benjamin Serisier, E.M.T ND;
  • Arnaud Mathieu, E.M.T ND and Paramedic student at CEGEP in Outaouais, Gatineau, Quebec;
  • Jordan Fradin, anaesthetist nurse and PHTLS, AMLS instructor; SMUR nurse and Firefighter nurse in Finistère;
  • Evans Lucas, paramedic, Kenya; 
  • Nicolas Hallier, E.M.T ND, manager of a private ambulance company in the rural sector of Loire Atlantique. 

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Olivier Rio, EMT “SMUR” and vice president of AFASH

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Initiated by Bastien Bodecot, a paramedic for more than 10 years, the JNA aims to enhance the 60.000 french paramedics on the front line every day. They heal, bring safety and comfort to their patients.