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AEGIS Transport System



Product description

AEGIS, safety harness system minimizes risk of injury. AEGIS secures baby to mom, providing both with physiological & psychological benefits of skin to skin, accommodate for primary food source & heat source all while providing close proximity to assess & continually monitor both patients.

The 3 strong points

  • FDA cleared


  • PASSED Frontal Rear & Side Collision

  • Thermoregulation

How is this an innovation?

Our 4 way stretch absorbs the G-force like a bungee cord in the event of an accident.
We also incorporated Xstatic Silver Technology for thermoregulation since babies are unable to maintain their own body temp. Xstatic also shields baby from infectious microbes in the ambulance/hospital. Our Aegis wrap secures baby to mom allowing crews to transport mom & baby together in 1 ambulance. AEGIS is a single garment that covers the baby’s entire body opposed to a 5 point harness. We secure the entire torso of the baby as well as support the c-spine of a neonate. As well as our ABEO strap made out of biothane used with AEGIS creating a “H” harness can also be used for pregnant patients & pediatric transports.

The company

SAPLACOR : A Women-Owned company, We strategically design innovative products to enhance Maternal / Neonatal patient safety in Hospital, Evacuation & Ambulance Transport.

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